Mr. Lance Liu Joins MCFI as New Director of Shanghai Office

JANUARY 2, 2017 – MCFI welcomes Mr. Lance Liu as the new director of its China office at Wheelock Square in Shanghai. Mr. Liu will be responsible for initiating and maintaining agency relationships in the Asia-Pacific region under the direction of Mr. Lawrence Chang, President, and Mr. Christian Dorsey, Executive Director. Mr. Liu has experience in EB-5 funding, finance, international trade, and market analysis and holds an International MBA from Hogeschool van Amsterdam (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences).

马里兰外商投资中心任命Lance 刘作为其位于上海会德丰国际广场的中国代表处新总监。Lance刘先生将在公司总裁&COO Lawrence Chang先生,执行董事Christian Dorsey先生的指导下负责建立和维护与亚太区中介公司的合作关系。Lance刘先生在美国投资移民基金,融资,市场分析和国际贸易方面积累了丰富经验,拥有阿姆斯特丹应用科学大学国际MBA学位。